Monday, March 05, 2007

pretty shawl, ear aches, etc.

this is a shawl that Dennis bought me for my birthday (an early birthday present- my birthday is this sunday)- It kind of looks like a table cloth but it's actually really soft and long and I feel pretty wearing it, so he did a good job. (Just as long as he doesn't forget to buy me a birthday card....)

It's a good week to be lazy. I've been practicing my driving (my last lesson is tomorrow), and I have an earache which only encourages me to do mind-numbing time-wasting things like read what people have written on the message boards for Heroes (I don't watch lost or 24 or grey's anatomy so I couldn't tell you why I'm addicted to this show but it's been kind of brilliant and if you haven't started and have the time, it might be one of those shows I recommend watching online or on DVD when it is released...)


cindy said...

That's a very pretty shawl! :) Dennis indeed did a good job with it. ;)

Oh, Happy Birthday in advance! :D

cindy said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I didn't feel the earthquake at all. It happened in Indonesia, I heard.

Thank you so much for the concern, Erin. :)