Friday, March 02, 2007

San Peregrino

I am not catholic but I have been comforted by this card, which I also sent to Pancho, and even the words of prayer on the back. San Peregrino is the patron saint of cancer, AIDS, and those kinds of diseases that suck and have no cure. I guess I take comfort because even if I don't believe that this guy has some special way to talk to God on my behalf, I do see that he was sick and healed and is remembered for his great faith in God. If God healed San Peregrino, he can heal Pancho. I have had this little prayer card since my trip to the Catholic Cathedral, (so about a month).

On the back, (I'm translating into English from Spanish), it reads:
To you (I pray), who yourself suffered for some years from the illness of cancer that destroys the fiber of our existence and which oriented you toward the source of Divine Grace, when the power of man was revealed useless...

(I/we) Pray to God and the Virgen the curing of these persons (who also suffer) because we trust in you. Convinced that you will give us this favor, we give thanks to God for his great faithfulness and mercy.

Good news follows this blog entry.


I'm Just Sayin... said...

Hey - you got Snap ;-) I was thinking of installing it over on my page, but changed my mind.

Anyway - I like the card - very comforting and I'm glad you found it and shared it.

Congratulations on the driving lesson!!! Are you doing it in Malibu? I did mine in Simi and heard rumors that the DMV in Simi almost never fails people - especially adult drivers. Good luck though - my fingers are crossed for you!!!

Oh - and thanks for reminding me she'll be 16 in 11 years - I'm signing you up to host her party AND give her driving lessons :-)

cindy said...

The prayer is beautiful. I'm glad you posted it here, in fact, I never knew there's a San Peregrino prayers, for the cancer patients. Thank you for sharing it, Erin. :)

May Pancho experience the same miracle from the good Lord. :)