Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 Idols/Heroes from when I was a kid...

School is so overwhelming and annoying and until yesterday, I was on drugs for that ear infection, so this is about all I can give....

10 idols/heroes from when I was a kid...
1. girl from "The Babysitter's Club" book series. I liked different main baby sitters at different times but I loved them all and yes, I wanted to have my own babysitter's club.
2. Vanna White. I kid you not. When I was little, I wanted to wear evening gowns and flip letters on a giant board.
3. Miss America. I rooted for Miss New Mexico every year. And I was disappointed every year. But did my mother and I cry when the deaf ballerina won? you know we did.
4. Julia Roberts. Her curly red hair and funny laugh. She could do no wrong.
5. Oprah. I said it out loud. Yes, I used to really love Oprah. She is so nice and so generous. And a secret part of me wished that she would come to OUR house and give MY mom a makeover.
6. Jackie Collins. Look, my mom didn't censor us at all. So when I got to pick what I could read when I was in middle school, I went for Danielle Steele because that's what my mom was reading. But I found her boring. Jackie Collins, on the other hand, wrote fictional stories about celebrities doing drugs and having scandalous affairs. And she used the "F-WORD". It was a delicious thing to get to read a Jackie Collins novel as a preteen.
7. Judy Blume. She lived (lives?) in New Mexico, she wrote about divorce and losing one's virginity, and she made me think "wow, being an author is so cool."
8. The cast of Saturday Night Live in the late 80's and early 90's. When I was old enough to a)stay up late enough to watch this and b)kind of get the jokes (and it didn't help that c) my dad let me watch it when my parents got divorced, because he wanted to be the "cool parent"). I wanted to be there for a live show soooo badly.
9) Walt Disney. Because for me, Disneyland always really really was the happiest place on earth. well-played, Walt, well-played.
10) Lisa Simpson. She will be president one day.


cindy said...

Oh my, this post brings back old memories. Vanna White! Who can forget that beautiful lady turning those letters. xD

Julia Roberts.. oh!! Jackie Collins! Wow, Erin.. now I miss my "younger" days. Haha!

Me, Myself and I said...

Walt Disney.... I love La Bella y La Bestia and La Sirenita.