Wednesday, April 11, 2007

dmv nazi....

I have an ear ache. I woke up today with an ear ache that started yesterday, and I knew it was a bad omen. I even went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics.

But my drivers test was today. I am not saying that I went into the test thinking I would fail. I actually felt like I might do okay. But I failed. No critical driving errors, I was just overly cautious and a little slow. And the woman who tested me was a middle aged woman with a military nazi haircut. You know what it really reminded me of? There is this character in one of the sketches for "sabado gigantes" (I tried to find a photo of him but I couldn't)- he is quite nearly bald, wears earrings and makeup, but still dresses like a man. And acts like a woman.

It was absurd. But I took/failed my exam right as happy hour was beginning at a nearby mexican restaurant. So I got two glasses of chardonnay for $4 and felt soooo much better. Really. I was like crying when we entered the restaurant. And one glass later, I was a lot better. Not saying alcohol is the answer to everything but Jesus Christ, I had an earache and I failed my drivers exam.

Dennis, by the way, has been the most supportive person ever. Not mad that I didn't pass, ready to take me to take it again next week, helpful because of my ear and my serious beating myself up emotionally.... He is awesome.

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cindy said...

Aww... sorry to hear about the test, Erin. But hey! Like Dennis said, there's always next week for another test. ;)

Hope that ear gets better soon.