Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Highschool Memories...

But before I get to that....

I so called it!! And as David Spade said, "The guy hiding out in the Bahamas? So not the Father..."

Back to the Ten Highschool Memories
1. Science camp freshmen year. (Ecology Camp?) It was like a contest that I joined but I didn't study for the part of science I was responsible for and basically, I left my group high and dry. But they were friends of mine in middle school and then they got nerdy in high school (or I just realized I was too cool), and so I was in the contest so they wouldn't hate me. But I really should have just bailed.

2. When everyone started getting their driver's licenses. I already lived like 20 minutes away and so everyone started hanging out together without worrying about their parents giving them rides. And I felt really left out. But I totally remember conversations like "oh my God! how was it? were you nervous? which instructor did you get?"

3. Senior Prom. I asked a sophomore out and we ended up getting along quite well. I originally asked this other guy who said he wouldn't be able to go with us to the beach for an all-night after party. And so I said "fine, then I'm asking someone else". (Because at this point, I wanted to go to the beach and ride in a limo, and I was over the fact that I was having to ask someone to be my date.) So like I said, it was a good night. I was quite skinny and fab looking (even with the kool-aid red hair)

and they played the thong song and other songs and we stayed there the whole time. And then we went to the beach and some of my friends decided to have a girly fight and kind of alienated their own dates. I just remember that these girls who started fighting (more arguing...) hated prom. And I loved it.

4. Senior year, I moved out of the house. It was a psychotic and impulsive move but it made my second semester a little bit bearable. I ended up staying with the family of this guy that I "asked out" but who totally rejected me "because he liked me like a sister" and it ended up working out. Even though I totally hated his girlfriend the entire time and kept imagining scenarios where they'd break up.

5. College acceptance letters. I got in to all of the schools I applied to (but they were almost all private Christian schools so I don't know if that's such a surprise...) I remember rejecting 2 schools because they had this thing you had to sign promising you wouldn't engage in premarital sex/homosexual activities. And I ALMOST went to Abilene Christian but they didn't give me good financial aid. (My mom was totally freaking out about it too- "NOOO!! You can't go to school in Texas!!! You'll end up marrying a preacher before you even graduate!!")

6. My Religion Crisis of the Sophomore/Junior Year. I started out with full-out Wicca/Tarot/Pentagram stuff and ended up wearing a "What Would Jesus Do"? Bracelet. So I think my classmates were so confused. But they stuck with me.

7. Oh this is a good one- my senior year, I took a psychology/sociology class with the professor that everyone likes (you know the one...). And he started going into how we should know how to put condoms on. (right at the cusp of my hyperconservative christianity stage of life and coincidental depression/problems with my mom). So I said "This is so not productive..." (and I didn't even think he heard me!!)

-And I kid you not, he said "Get out of my class"

-What??? (I said this in disbelief because a)he heard me and b)because I had never ever been in trouble at school before)

-"You heard me, Get OUT. I'm sorry if I'm offending you and I'm glad that you don't even masturbate but there are kids in this class who need to know about condoms and safe sex."

I left in tears. And a lot of drama came out of it, including switching classes. And I still feel like yeah, I was a snot. But to bring up masturbation in front of a class? And I knew that most everyone was backing him up because he was that cool teacher every one likes.

8. We had to take PE the first 2 years. The first year, I remember that we had to run like 3 laps in less than a certain amount of time. And I ran too long, over a minute. And the professor/"coach" made me run the damn laps again!! Come ON! Like I'm going to run faster if I'm already tired???

9. Signing yearbooks. It was something I thought about all year. Like "Oh I can't wait to write this on this person's yearbook!!" (and I totally had like cool colored markers and stamps too.

10. The time that I was able to utilize my ability at 18 to say "I'm sick! Can I leave?" My best friend was depressed because an award that was supposed to be given to her, was given to someone who worked underneath her ("Best Editor" or something- she was "Editor in Chief" and they gave it to like the "Lifestyles" editor.) We signed ourselves out (fake cough), and went to a fancy restaurant and ate appetizers. Cause that's pretty much what we could afford. But leaving campus and goofing off was priceless.

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wow, i can relate to you on a level that i'm not sure i can sum up just by saying, "yeah, I get that..."