Friday, April 13, 2007


I am blogging under the much needed influence of vicodin and a pain shot (toridol or something like that.)

Basically, I didn't sleep much last night. Again. There was a lot of crying and if ever there was a desire for alcohol, it was last night. But you can't mix alcohol and xanax. And I really don't want to end up over dosing. So I just spend my night in pain. At around 5am, I called the doctor "on call" from my doctor's office.

There are two doctors where I go. The really nice younger girl who is compassionate and patient. And the old man who is kind of sketchy (like giving gyno-exams without nurses present sketchy.) This is the old man who diagnosed my ear infection on Wednesday and prescribed ear drops that didn't work. And then yesterday, he prescribed even stronger antibiotics. But the thing is, (and I've forgotten this because I haven't had an ear infection since like baby-hood), that ear aches hurt like hell. So I called the doctor's office, had someone paged, and God is so good that the female doctor happened to be the doctor on call. She said that we could come in first thing or go to the ER. We decided to skip ER because a)it's like an hour away and b) you wait for HOURS in the ER.

They saw me fairly quickly, I asked for the nice girl doctor, and pretty much cried into her arms. It helps that she's pregnant and she Dennis's doctor. This ear ache feels like, basically, the whole right side is numb and full of pressure and like knives stabbing me all at the same time. So I said "look, please give me a pain shot here. And don't skimp on it either. I don't want to feel anything. If you are going to give me say 25 cc, add another 50 cc). And so she gave me a nice shot in the ass, a second huge shot of extra antibiotics, and extra strength vicodin.

I'm not saying that I endorse Anna Nicole Smith-Lindsay Lohan- Brittany Spears Malibu Rehab starlet behavior. But I could not sleep last night. And right now, I'm not going to lie, I feel a lot better. Still feel my ear, not comotose as I might wish to be, but let's be rational. I didn't need morphine for an earache.

And this is probably one of the most fun blog posts I've ever made. Or at least the most interesting to do. (Literally, I was thinking on the drive home from the doctor's office "how cool would it be to blog about how good these pain meds feel?"

I mean, 2 hours ago, I was SOBBING in the doctor's office. I was begging Jesus and the doctor for mercy, I was saying the Lord's player, I was desperate. I kind of feel like this is one of those blog entries where I am now praying that no one reading this blog entry thinks I'm a vicodin addicted Malibu resident. Because, bloody hell, this ear ache is the devil. Just wish me lots of relief. And my next blogs will be more coherant. This is where I pray that anyone reading my blogs, is just totally understanding... And now I am so rambling...


Me, Myself and I said...

lol I undertand you very much! I was in such pain ( I thought I died, I can tell you! ) 2 years ago. Till I didn't get 3 voltaren dosis I didn't breath.

Don't worry babe, you won' get hooked on it haha but you need it for now, it is hard to feel pain... unless you are masoquist ( sp? )

Espero que te recuperes pronto!!!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I had an earache/ear infection from hell in college and cried all night and then made my boyfriend drive me to the ER at like 3 in the morning or something.

And toridol is some serious sh*t!!! They gave it to me instead of morphine after my second c-section and it was wonderful! ;)

Hope you feel better soon!

cindy said...

Hang on, sweetie! You'll be ok in no time!


Get well soon. And you still have Dennis when you want to cry again. ;)