Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reason # 22 for why I love my husband....

I have a full-blown earache. It was bad yesterday but tolerable. But I didn't sleep at all last night, called the doctor (the receptionist was kind of mean) and he gave me more antibiotics. Still no pain meds but I'm going to pull through.

It's just that basically the right side of my head feels numb. And sometimes I can't hear (so Dennis delights in whispering things into my right ear that I can't hear but I know he's whispering...) I feel like I need a bell. Or a whistle. So that when he is really saying something important, he can signal to me.

But anyway, why I love him today: he called me like five times throughout the day, went to the pharmacy AND to subway on his lunch break FOR ME, and has been really really tender and nice. He brought food to ME today, for lunch and for dinner. He is, in a word, awesome. (and so when he whispers things I can't hear in my right ear, I forgive him.)

You know what's funny about this whole ear thing? A) I realize that when I talk it hurts and also when I can't hear, I can still hear my own voice. It's like when you are wearing ear plugs but not. And I don't like only hearing my own voice. And biology prohibits me from not talking.

oh and B) Dennis' mother is like the mother that I've never had. She "scolded" me today on the phone because there is a consensus in the Calderon family that I am suffering this way because of the horrible addiction that I have to q-tips. Cause when my ears feel dirty or when they are even a bit itchy, I'm compelled to q-tip the hell out of my ears. So, I've promised my mother in law that I'm not going to use q-tips anymore.

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