Monday, April 23, 2007

a hodgepodge of what is in my brain right now....

I still hate my hair. The short haircut on my new blogger template is looking more and more like a good idea (thanks, Cindy!)- I just brushed the hell out of it and put it in a french braid. If I was at a place in my life where I didn't care about what others thought, I really think I'd cut it ridiculously short. I think Britney Spears is crazy but I kind of understand that feeling of wanting to just chop it all off.

Today I basically alternated between sleeping, sniffling (it's raining a lot lately and I don't know if I'm getting a cold or if my allergies are aggravated by the whole in our feather comforter. It's one of those questions I'm too lazy to answer...)--------sleeping, sniffling, and writing the paper I have due tomorrow (well, technically today). I've made enough progress that I could totally turn it in and not really care. I'm ready for the end of the semester.

It actually worked out well today- I was kind of grumpy but so was Dennis. He's trying to create an "e-commerce website" for something he wants to sell (and I will tell you this much right now- if it works out, it's actually pretty cool.)But finding a good website design is hard. And there is "fine print". And Dennis is one of those people who obsessively shops around and takes forever to make a decision because he is afraid of making the wrong decision. It's a good trait to have in business. But it's annoying. So we were both saying to each other "don't take it personal. today is a grumpy day." (and so hopefully he won't take it personal that I'm blogging when I should be in bed breaking my promise to him to not go online after bedtime!!)

And today was Cristina, the youngest stepdaughter's, birthday. She's 14 now and it's kind of fun and kind of weird. Mostly weird for Dennis. He bought her an MP3 player and I made sure we sent her a card. We called her in the morning and I did the whole "well if you were born at night, technically you aren't 14 yet!" joke that I can still pull off because she's 14 and not 40.

I don't know if I will have time to blog tomorrow (I might, if I am procrastinating... I do have a photo of a fritatta that I cooked for lunch today....)
And I wanted to leave everyone with a quote I just read from "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller (why am I reading for fun? I have no idea...)

"It is hard for us to admit we have a sin nature because we live in this system of checks and balances. If we get caught, we will be punished. But that doesn't make us good people; it only makes us subdued. Just think about the Congress and Senate and even the President. The genius of the American system is checks and balances. Nobody gets all the power. Everybody is watching everybody else. It is as if the founding fathers knew, intrinsically, that the soul of man, unwatched, is perverse." (p.18)

What does this mean? Is the author saying that he thinks all men are capable of great evil? Do I agree? (I've always liked to believe the Anne Frank philosophy that all men are capable of doing good things. Maybe that's naive...)


mrsmogul said...

Cute template! I like it! Liking the shopping bags because there would be a lot of shopping goin' on in Malibu!

Me, Myself and I said...

I think you shoudl let you hair grow a little bit more. I know it is tiring when you don't have straight hair and you have to dry it down to make it straight but try to do it. I think it'll suit you! :)

cindy said...

We're thinking of the same thing - I hate my hair too!! In fact, I ALMOST went to the salon to get my hair permed up like Scary Spice because I'm sick of my straight hair. I wanted something different. In the end.. I'm still the girl with this boring, long, straight hair. LOL.

Maybe you could try the software where you get to upload your photo, edit it into 3D (they'll do it for you) and then choose LOTS of hair styles that will suit your face and likings. :D I can't remember where I got it. It's somewhere on the Net. Do a search in google for online hairstyle. :D

Happy birthday to Cristina! :D

IRENE said...

I was right nominating you for the Thinking Blogger Award! Please stop by to read and display your award with pride!
On to your quotation, now. This is a question of personal responsibility. I agree with the good people vs subdued argument.I think there is good and evil in all of us. None survives without the other. But we as humans have a choice. We may choose our paths and we may change our minds.