Thursday, April 19, 2007

I got gipped.

We are not going into the details. Basically, I failed the test again. Dennis thinks it's because I still look like I'm under 18. Because I did ALOT better. Why did I fail? Because the driving instructor (another female) said I made a bad left turn and that she doesn't think I can drive by myself.

I think that once I have my license, I will be a safe driver. I think that when I take this exam I am so unbelievably nervous that I make mistakes I would never normally make. And I think the women in Thousand Oaks DMV have it out for me. So we are going to test Dennis's theory. Next (and final chance) for me to take the test, I am :
-not wearing sneakers and jeans and a sweat shirt.
-I am wearing pants and driving loafers and makeup.
-and probably my hair down.

It sucks, but we are going to put Dennis's theory to the test. And I'm about to throw in the towel anyway. Really. Today, I was so upset and depressed that I cried about failing for like 3 hours. It is a big deal. I'm not over reacting. I had plans. Dennis's birthday is on April 29th and I wanted to buy his birthday cake without him present. Guess what? Not happening...


Me, Myself and I said...

Dear, it isn't matter of how you wear and how you look like. My sister was looking great when she took her driving licence and failed the first time. I was looking horrible ( yes yes me! even wearing glasses! ) and I got mine at the first try.

It is matter of ( of course how you drive ) a) luck b) the intructor mood of the day.

Don't give up!

mrsmogul said...

If you live in Malibu, is there a bus system there?

WOW I hate driving. I failed my test twice! Then when we moved here in the fall I had to take another test for the state license and failed that twice! (I plowed down the cones!)

Anyway, I drive when I can but I really dislike it. You'll get used to it and will be passing people on the lanes in no time!