Sunday, April 08, 2007

not quite martha...

But I did um... bake dinner the entire weekend!! Yesterday we had a chicken/cheese/cauliflower bake (and dennis said in his very annoying "i'm a picky eater" that it wasn't bad but he prefers lemon and cauliflower.)

And today, I made a fritatta. A whaa? I don't even know. I mixed ham, eggs, and cheese and put it in a pie plate. And baked it for 30 min. And Dennis said "this was really good! you should make this more often!"

And the earth shook, and stones cried out in joy. Very appropriate for the day that we recognize the Risen Lord and Savior. (But we didn't go to church or anything...)


Me, Myself and I said...

hehe so he much prefer de original and new cuisine more than the traditional one :P

Babe, I suggest starting running your own restaurant ;-)

cindy said...

Yes, I suggest you to start running a restaurant too. You never know! ;)

..and I didn't go to church last Easter too... *blush*

medea said...

I demand recipes and pictures. :)