Monday, April 09, 2007

Oh Tom... Why?

So basically Tom Cruise is going to play a Nazi in an upcoming movie role.

Not just a Nazi who wants to kill Hitler. Or a Nazi who has feelings and who cries, kind of like some of the other "tough guys" that Tom Cruise plays. But rather, a Nazi who is like missing an eye and fingers. So basically, Tom Cruise is going to be like a James Bond villain. (He's going to be missing an eye and fingers people!!!)

See, I like parts of Tom Cruise and then there are times that I think he should retire probably too. I mean, come on. He is a good looking little man. Was he hot in "Jerry Maguire"? Yes, he was. Hell, most of his movies are decent. (Most. "War of the Worlds" anybody? anybody??) But I didn't really like him as a person, when he and Nicole Kidman split up. I don't know why, but my gut said "Be on Nicole Kidman's side in this one..."

And then he started talking crazy talk about aliens and how people don't need drugs or whatever for depression, and he started jumping on couches, and then all the talk about how they were going to control Katie Holmes in the delivery room came out, and his grin got to be really really annoying. I'm telling you. There are some good Tom Cruise movies. "Collateral"?? That was great! Even the last Mission Impossible was decent. He's not a bad actor. His movies from the 80's/early 90's- awesome. He's just so freaking WEIRD.

So how does he get WEIRDER?? By being in a movie where he's disfigured to look like Dr. Evil. I have two words for Tom Cruise: "COME ON!"

(plus, you know what this reminds me of? when John Travolta- fellow alien worshiper- decided to do that weird alien movie where he looked kind of gross--"Battlefield Earth")

(oh the german disfigured Nazi movie- look up "Valkyrie" on

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cindy said...

Yea, I kind of dislike Tom after he split with Nicole. I got even furious after learning that she was pregnant when he left her - and she end up losing the baby. Grrr!

I think Tom has been over reacting ever since he's with Katie. Like the time he jumped on Oprah's sofa. Who can ever forget that? And the way Katie act on that award show when she called out for Tom? eeww..

I've stopped watching his movies tho. Got really sick of him, especially on his comment to Brooke Shields when she was having the postpartum depression. >:(

I'm glad that he was "terminated" from being the next star in MI. *giggle*