Friday, May 04, 2007

Fight Results:

I got the same lady who tested me the first time and she took me on basically the same route, and I PASSED!!! (by the skin of my teeth but I don't care. I Passed!! I am a licensed driver!!!)

I think I will celebrate by going to the grocery store. I need soda and something. (who cares? I can drive!!)


mrsmogul said...

I still freak when I merge onto highways. Some days I feel confident right before I get in the car, other times I shake. I passed two years ago but only started driving since we moved here. CONGRATS!! Now you can use the license for all your ID purposes!

cindy said...

Congratulations Erin!!!!

Oh.. you should bake another cake! :D (I love the previous cake you baked for Dennis. Looks yummy!)

Congratulations! Congratulations!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...


For some reason I want to cue up "Freedom" by George Michael! ;)

capnwatsisname said...

woo hoo! can't wait to see you behind the wheel.

medea said...

Congrats! You can go garage saling now!