Wednesday, May 09, 2007

in odder news...

That Subway Guy is not really the wholesome good guy that I thought he was. (or did I? I guess he always kind of looked like a grown up child actor which could be good or bad?) He's been promoting subway for years, because he was really fat and lost a lot of weight by eating nothing but subway. But apparently, the whole reason for his being fat in the first place was because he was one of those guys who sits inside all day doing nothing except running an online porn business. So now he's less like the guy I would expect to see on Oprah and more like the guy I would expect to see behind all of the endless spam emails I get to enlarge my non-existent members.

That's wholesome.

I don't know if that is a big deal or not. Because, I don't eat subway sandwiches to lose weight anyway. I guess if anything it just makes his commercials more annoying.


Christie said...

that's crazy

mrsmogul said...

I've been to Subway only while on the road. There are ones in London and They are popular. English people think they are the best thing ever..It's weird.