Monday, May 07, 2007

I love air conditioning.

I love it because I don't have it. I don't have it in our apartment and so we rely on a fan. A tiny black dorm room fan. And I don't have it in the car that I am driving.

I feel like I only think of deep important things when it's like 2:00 AM. At 2:00AM, I think about things like God and church and various reasons for why I love my husband or for why I wish he was awake and not snoring so that he could listen to me. (I do think that I suffer from loving to hear my own voice.)

So what do I think of at 11:09PM when it is still "reasonable" for me to be on the computer? I think about how Paris Hilton is probably not going to spend more than one day in jail. And I think about how pathetic it is that she thinks she is treated unfairly because she didn't know that she couldn't drive with a revoked license. Are you serious?

I wonder what her motivation is. For intentionally trying to look like a victim because she has to spend 45 days in jail with no makeup or cellphones or little dogs to put in purses. I wonder if this is just publicity- there is no such thing as bad publicity right?

The whole ordeal is just annoying. People do time in jail for worse.

The other important thing that I never really blogged about was the whole May 1st Los Angeles Police attack. Basically, everyone knew that immigrants were going to meet up Los Angeles, at a park. Families and journalists and people meeting to protest peacefully. And maybe some people hoping to start something. The police started attacking people, including journalists, and now (like 6 days later?) the immigrants are upset and Dennis is walking around the apartment saying that we are all hypocrites because we "say this kind of stuff doesn't happen here". Touche.

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cindy said...

I love my air-cond very much. Especially if you live in a tropical island like ours.. LOL.. if you don't have air-cond in the car and you're driving around the city at 2PM, you'd probably melt inside. Haha!

It's been really hot in Kuala Lumpur these days, oh my! I wish there's a portable air-cond that I could bring with me everywhere I go.

May 1st tragedy? I don't think I've hear it from anywhere. :(