Thursday, May 24, 2007

love letter to ice cream sandwiches...

Dear Ice Cream Sandwiches,

Simply put, I am in love with you. It's so wrong but it tastes oh so good and I fear that my belly is just going to get bigger but I am hooked. I am addicted to your chocolate cookie-like artificial flavors and the sweet vanilla insides. I will not even try the mint or neopolitan flavors for fear of betraying you. I cannot dare but eat one, two, three..nay.. the whole box of you... when I open you after coming home from a long drive. And you taste better after I've driven to pick you up!
Ice cream sandwiches, you are my cure. After long driving, summer heat, and the realization that the fuses in my old crappy car are dead and so now I can't play music or use the electric locks, I find solace in you. Thank you, ice cream sandwiches, thank you.

Love for now,

PS: It would help if you weren't so hard to unwrap/so bulky in packaging. It's harder to hide you as trash from my husband who says I shouldn't eat you, when you are a sticky mess.

PPS: you are my favorite thing to eat for breakfast and lunch!


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I bought my girls ice cream sandwiches just last weekend! Must introduce them to such delicacies at a young age! ;)

cindy said...

LOL! I love ice cream sandwiches too!

Me, Myself and I said...


we share the same lover them hahaha !