Tuesday, June 05, 2007

10 Occupations I wanted to do when I was little...

Ten things I wanted to do when I grew up
1. I wanted to sell perfume. A friend and I tried making our own perfume using water and flowers and leaves and I'm sure it smelled just awful but we went down the street trying to sell it. I thought I was a good business woman.
2. I wanted to be a teacher. 5th grade.
3. I wanted to be a pediatrician.
4. I wanted to be an author. Fiction. Romance.
5. I wanted to be a mommy.
6. I thought, for a brief time, about being a print journalist. I thought it would be cool to work for something kid-friendly.
7. If I couldn't work in print (like doing "Highlights Magazine" or something) I would have wanted to either work for Nickelodeon or be an MTV V-Jay.
8. I wanted to be Vanna White. This is reaching back into the attic and I know I've mentioned it before, but when I was like 4, I really wanted to be Vanna White.
9. Or Miss America.
10. I thought about being a nurse when I was in undergrad. I know that's not "little" but that was awhile ago.


Me, Myself and I said...

hahahahaha and I wanted to be Miss Spain, really!anytime the girls showed up in the screen I said: "blah, they don't wrth a fucking shit..." then, everybody stared grumpily at me like saying: " girl, they are prettiest than u are!" and I shutted up...

after afew years, I still think they don't worth a fucking shit but know I know the reason: they are a tiny sample of the spanish culture, but they have misse dme! hahahaaa :P just kidding girl :P

Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. I've recently become a blogging chick and have set myself a challenge to comment on as many Blogging Chick blogs as I can. So that's why I'm here. ;)

When I was in primary (grade) school, at the school fair there was a psychic, I don't know if she was real or if she was just one of the Mum's dressed up. She told me that I would be a teacher or a nurse. I am neither. :)

Love your blog template, it is original and unique - I have not seen another one like it yet and I have been to a LOT of blogs. ;) I must look at changing mine.. ;)


cindy said...

LOLOLOLOL! I can't stop laughing at the part when you said you and your friend created a perfume. Although you think it smelled awful, you went on trying to sell it. OMG, that is so cute, Erin! LOL!

Vanna White. Wow, where is she?! It's been a while since I last saw her. She's like the prettiest woman I've ever seen on TV when I was younger. :D

kuri & ping said...

Loved this meme! I wanted to be an astronaut, Broadway singer, or a cashier at the local supermarket. Very versatile. :)