Saturday, June 02, 2007

only in Malibu?

Today at Ralph's, the grocery store, I was cruising the bread/cereal aisle (having just picked up a box of Captain Crunch) and I heard a guy saying "Do you guys like sourdough bread?"

I turned and it was a Dad (I think) and two little girls, one walking along side him about knee-high and the other sitting in the front of the cart. I (being the person that interrupts and speaks too much) said "I don't know about sourdough... I hated it when I was a kid..."

He was very friendly and said "No they'll like it."

I said "well if it's in restaurants and they eat it, yeah you are probably right..."

He says, "More importantly I like it and they have to eat what I eat."

I say "yes.... but well, two girls...."

He says "you girls like what I like right??"

Girl walking (very cute little one) says "yes! But sometimes he eats junk at night before bed...."

Me (thinking I can talk to someone about 4 years old) say "but does he eat gross things like fish?" (oh man I hated fish when I was a kid...)

She said "sometimes..." (and I did detect that her nose wrinkled a little so I think she agrees that fish can be gross"

But then the Dad says "yes but what's your favorite restaurant?"

And the two girls in unison say very loudly "NOBU!!!"

*The same NOBU where you only eat sushi and where Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston hang out, in Malibu.

I am pretty much speechless (score one for pretentious Dad!) but I say "well then, if they eat sushi they will like sourdough..."

And I started remembering how picky I was as a kid and how my favorite restaurant was "The Golden Corral because you could put raisens AND pepperonis on your "salad", because of the awesome macaroni and cheese, and for the ice cream bar. Where you could put everything from chocolate sauce to gummy worms on your sundae.

And I also started thinking about whether or not I would ever take my own kids to such a fancy restaurant. Not only do a lot of rich and famous people eat there like I eat at "Chili's" or "Denny's" but they have cloth napkins. It's a fancy restaurant. People propose to people in that restaurant. Not only would my mom/dad/grandparents never take me there for the pricey/fancy factor but I wouldn't even take my Dad there as he still finds it entertaining to say "See Food" and open his mouth out wide (he did in the last fancy restaurant we took him too...)

Is that Malibu? Or just me?


cindy said...

I don't know about sourdough, but I hated it when I was a kid too. :P I prefer plain, white bread with peanut butter on it. Haha.

Chilis? Wow, I love that place. I love their Molten Cake. I could just melt and die a happy girl if I could have Molten Cake everyday. :D

Wish I'm in Malibu. I wanna have the chance to bump into Jennifer Aniston too. :P

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I have lived in Nashville nearly my entire life and I've run into country music stars out and about. (in normal places, too!) ;)

But I can't see us taking our girls to a fancy restaurant. Of course they're only 4 and 2 so fancy right now is O'Charleys.

Me, Myself and I said...

On one hand, taking kids to posh/good/well-manered restaurants it is good because they get used to behaving in an adult and well-mannered place so they can learn the differents ways of behaving according to any circumstances.

On the other hand, it might be too strict for just kids so that it can avoid them to behave as they are: kids, after all.

about that bread... I think I have never tasted it, or at least, I haven't understood the english word lol

I'm Just Sayin... said...

I love sourdough, but I didn't know there was bread besides white or wheat when I was growing up.

I don't think it's "Malibu" but more like "Southern California" in general. We'd go places like Benihana's once a year because it was my favorite and we'd go for my birthday - or to Lawry's for Deane's birthday. We always got a sitter (not because we didnt want to take Hannah but because HELLO? No kids menu and I'm not spending $32 on a dinner she's gonna eat two bites of) and there would be families there talking about how they eat at these places once or twice a week.

I can see celebrities doing it because they want to be seen, but normal average families like us eating like that multiple times a week?!?!