Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Feast

This week's Friday's Feast (which I need because according to my husband, I go to the market way to often and spend way too much. Is it too much for a girl who is all by herself to enjoy hummus and pita chips?)

Fill in the blank: The best thing about where I live is _________________…

It is so quiet, especially in the summer/holiday time. And it is ridiculously safe.

Create a new name for a deodorant (like “Flower Fresh” or “Shower Scent”).

"Won't Smell Like the Subway"

What was the last piece of software you installed onto your computer?

Is that a program? I installed Veoh player earlier this week so that I could download episodes of "Dead Like Me" (great show by the way...)

Main Course
If you were to receive a superlative award today beginning with the words ”Most likely to…”, what would the rest of the phrase say?

"Most Likely to succeed at defensive driving" (I honked the horn twice today at people who forgot to turn their turn signals on!) or "Most Likely to Master Changing the Radio/Learning to drink a soda while driving"

What two colors do you like to wear together?

Black and Lavender/Black and Pink. You may substitute black for brown or gray.

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