Thursday, June 28, 2007

misc. news.

Lots on my mind, which is kind of slushy because I'm 2 weeks in to summer school.
1) How much did this girl pay for these shoes. Because whatever it was, she paid too much. Is this natural for her toes? I feel bad for her toes. (Gracias a Go Fug Yourself for the photos....

And why is Beyonce channeling all Star Wars movies made? She reminds me of C3PO and Dennis says she has a Princess Leia thing going on. Either way, it looks uncomfortable.

Finally, Can I just say I love baby smell. I visited my boss hours ago and held her baby and he slept/drooled on me. And I still smell like newborn baby and I love it. And did anyone else know that there is such a thing as "baby acne"? Because there is. You might think that awkward phase of zits on your chin and shoulders and back is only for the teen years and maybe (if you are me) your 20's. But no. It's for babies too.


Me, Myself and I said...

yuck ! they are horrible ! I am a huge show-fan but I would have never ever wear that pair! eeekkkk they make me puke lol

BeyonceƩ looks great even the weird outfit.

mrsmogul said...

I think Beyonce has terrible taste! And she speaks like a baby with a lisp!