Tuesday, June 26, 2007


it's not her singing (I think that's obvious but I think some people automatically don't like the movie just because she's not really singing)... (At any rate this is one of my favorite scenes in the film).
We bought "Volver" and watched it this evening- it's a weird movie and definitely fits into "chick flick" category but I liked it and Dennis wasn't disappointed (he's a tough critic). It was fun to watch because I watched it without subtitles and so for part of the time, I kind of had to guess what was going on. So I got a lot of the story but I missed some of the jokes and a lot of the cultural things (I think that it was probably poorly subtitled anyway).

And Penelope Cruz is HOT. I say it with heterosexual married woman confidence and it helps to know that her ass is as fake as her voice in the film. But even with the ass implants or whatever they used, she is very sexy. I will admit two things:
1)I cannot tell you the difference between the Spanish from Spain accent used by the women in this film and the Argentine accent but Dennis assures me that it is there and
2) I mispronounced the name of this film for months, which is strange because I know spanish enough to know basic verbs. I thought it was "Vol- ver" like "revolver" (like the "o" in "volleyball" and "er" like "poster")
But it's "volver" (to return, duh) with the "o" like in "bowl" and the "e" like "Erin"

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Me, Myself and I said...

hehehe well, the key is that this movie has got tones of Deep Spanish Jokes, that can only be understood by Spanish citizens. It is like when I see some british movie like Click or Break Up and I don't find them funny.

If you watched it without subtitles I clap at you and chapeu! because it is hard to get everything.

Hwever, I have to say that, although I hate Almodovar, I LOVE THAT MOVIE! it is dramatic, tragic and hilarious! it has got many ironies which I love. I realy enjoyed myself watching this film.