Tuesday, June 12, 2007

yes, Pacifier!!

as I blog, I am sitting next to a finally calm and sleepy little boy whose name is Maddox. He likes cars and making crash sounds. He loves the blue light on the telephone, he loves books and songs and Mr. Rogers. He loves to scoop and dump with his dump truck. And I had to put him to bed tonight, which wasn't so hard (Okay, Maddox does not make changing into pajamas or into anything, really very easily but hey, tonight he stood up.) And we read books. And then we got to the part of the bedtime routine where you pull the shades and turn off all the lights.

And Maddox wigged out. Maddox loves his mommy and daddy and he wigged out. And he thought he heard them downstairs, like five times. Lots of back rubs and "shh, it's okay". He got into the covers and sobbed and clutched at his elephant and oh the horror. And then I remembered two awesome things about putting Maddox to bed.

One, he has one of those iPods in his room that you hook up to speakers and I played the wiggles-something. So we sang, which was on the list of things to do anyway.

And he is allowed two pacifiers at night. (He's two?) Oh thank you, Lord! He was beating his little tiny fists against his pillow and I said "hey! Do you want a paci? Do you want TWO??"

sniffle, hiccup, sniffle. Yes, he wanted one paci to hold and one paci for his mouth. And it took about ten more minutes (and Dennis called so he said goodnight to Dennis on the phone) and now he is quiet and calm. I don't think he is asleep yet but he was yawning about an hour ago during mister rogers so I think he'll start soon. I'm not going anywhere so it's going to be alright.

So I heart Pacifiers. Great awesome invention. Yay!

(dedicated to my friend Maddox- and his dad too).


I'm Just Sayin... said...

Wow - cool. So how much does Brad and Angelina pay their babysitters?

Just kidding :-)

Cute story. I *hearted* pacifiers too.

mrsmogul said...

In england they call pacifiers "dummies" I still call them that here and for short, "dum dum" But I have to be so careful when I'm around others that I say pacifiers are else they think I'm calling the kid a dummy! Yes, he still has pacifiers but only when he sleeps.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I meant to comment on this earlier...my oldest daughter LOVED her paci!!! Sometimes I think she still misses it and she just turned 5! My youngest is a thumb sucker all the way.

Sounds like you are an awesome babysitter and you knew just what to do which is more than I can say for me on some nights. ;)