Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cell phone Help 911

Dennis has decided that it is MY job to figure out how to change cell phone plans once our contract runs out in September, without having to pay for the old cell phone company an extra month and still paying for a new contract with a new company AND still keeping our numbers. Apparently, me asking the billions of people on this college campus who have extensive experience switching providers etc. is not sufficient as he wants me to call the cell phone company (probably not a bad idea....)

But I'm irritated. Does anyone have any advice on how to switch cell phone providers at the end of your original contract, keep your phone number, and not pay an arm and a leg?

It's one of those arguments where he mutters "I might as well do it myself as usual" that drives me up the wall. If you know anything of that phrase, you just may understand why it is so irritating.


cindy said...

eek, sorry.. but I can't offer much help here. In Malaysia, we do not have contract for our cell phone provider. It is based on you-pay, you-get-service. You-don't-pay, we-disconnect-you. :P

Me, Myself and I said...

Here in Spain, mobile phone companies are mad at having new costumers so they offer free mobile phones of you switch on their company. It usually means the trendiest mobile phone odel and some amount of $ on free calls. But when the offer is over, you get to pay their normal rates, but I find it is a very good deal, anyways!

Virginia, like the state! said...

Hmm, you should be able to keep your # regardless of where you's a pretty standard service now with most providers. Verizon is pretty good because you can talk to other Verizon people without it pulling from your minutes. I don't recommend Sprint, however. No one I know (including myself) has ever had good luck with them. T-Mobile has spotty service in some areas and their plans tend to be a little higher than Verizon (generally speaking).

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