Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"baby, there is nothing wrong with that car"

Dennis says "Baby, there is nothing wrong with your car."

And the day after he says this, quite defensively, the rear view mirror falls off. Just falls off. Nothing wrong with my car. Just the fact that the rear view mirror fell off.

So, just so that I can drive to work and to the grocery store, I have installed a baby mirror. It looks like this...

Except there is no baby. And there is no rear view mirror.

Look, I know my car is a good car. And when we look back, we recognize that 4 years ago we didn't have any cars. Now we have two cars. That's a blessing. So yes, I'm spoiled. I would really like to trade this car in. It's over a decade old, the doors don't lock correctly, the rear view mirror just fell off, the steering sucks.... And I live at Pepperdine, in Malibu. And sometimes it feels like everyone else is driving a cute new car.

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Me, Myself and I said...

LOL how can you notice the car behind you with that tiny mirror ??? XDDDDD