Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ten of the Nicest things People Have Done for me

Ten of the Nicest Things People have done for me...

1. The woman at church who bought the dress that I eloped in, from Anne Taylor. It was the perfect color of blue. She also bought us our dinner plates.
2. The group at church that decided to raise money for Dennis in case he has to fly to Chile to visit his brother, who is sick but better.
3. The man who drove me and Dennis from the college retreat where we were to the hospital where my sister was when she died. He stayed for hours with us and then drove us (like 10 hours later) to my aunt's house. And then he picked us up the next morning and drove us home.
4. The many times that someone in high school fronted the money for me to go to taco bell with the youth group or to go to a youth group camp.
5. The many people who let Dennis and I borrow their cars the first year of our marriage when we had no cars. So many people just said "sure" and handed over their keys.
6. When my two bosses prayed over me in my office the day after the second time that I failed my driver's exam.
7. Some wonderful blog friends- Sarah researched how to get married in Las Vegas, every one has always been loyal and wonderful whenever crisis comes my way, and Cindy- she created the blogger layouts that make blogger look wonderful.
8. When I met Dennis, I had about 5 dollars left and was trying to pretend that I didn't need it but he paid for everything and bought me lunch and dinner. So sweet.
9. The Argentine mom that I stayed with 2nd semester of my year in Argentina was so nice and sweet. She stayed up all night on the night that I went out with an Argentine boy, she threw me a birthday party, and she knitted these funky red socks for me. AND (how could I forget!!) She helped me buy insulin!! And she cooked! Like fresh applesauce!!
10. Dennis. I couldn't list just ten wonderful nice things he's done. He takes care of me when I'm sick, he's held me when I was on the floor sobbing about my family's death, he has broken down so many barriers. His mother did well.

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