Tuesday, September 25, 2007

10 Things I've Been Putting Off...

Muwhahahahaaaa perfect topic!!

Ten Things I've Been Putting Off....
1. Writing the journal for my field work credit
2. Going to storage to clean it out and toss stuff away
3. Really, seriously starting an exercise plan.
4. I'm putting off pregnancy. For about two more years.
5. I'm putting off deep cleaning our shower. I know that's gross. But it is seriously the one thing I hate cleaning.
6. We are putting off changing cell phone providers. I'd love to do it like tonight but Dennis wants to wait until after Chile.
7. I'm putting off making sure that I have my financial aid covered. It's such a lame process.
8. I'm putting off emails that I have to make before we leave (I have to email the girl subbing for me in Sunday School).
9. I'm putting off learning parallel parking and backing up on a hill (going up).
10. I'm putting off notifying the majority of people like magazine companies that our campus mail box address changed.

Meh. Basically, I'm leaving for Chile tomorrow. Yesterday was the first Taize service of the school year. It was quiet- not a lot of students came- but it was so meaningful to me to be involved in it. And today and yesterday were my last classes before I leave for Chile. So (YES!!!) I get a short break from Hebrew. Today, my only thing to to is to go visit some people from Pepperdine in the hospital. (I'm typing this out mostly because now I'm thinking "yeah, I should start that journal!!!")

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Patois said...

I wish you safe travel! Happy ToT.