Saturday, September 01, 2007

Duh. (Smacks forehead)

I am preparing mentally and physically for my new Sunday School class tomorrow, which is Kindergarten and First Grade. I am going to teach them about the parable of the mustard seed and they will make a little book with a little farmer boy who throws out seeds on good soil and bad soil. Birds eat the seeds. And the plants on good soil grow and grow. I am one of those Sunday School teachers who loves creativity. So the idea was to have the kids glue stuff on their books (I was going to use cocoa for dirt, seseme seeds, grass...). And I was trying to figure out how in the world I would get all of these things to stick on paper, as we only have glue sticks.

And as I was in the tiny school supply section of the grocery store, I had an epiphany. Why in the world would I give my class anything to glue? It's a great idea but "messy" is an understatement. Last week, the only task was to color their folders. I gave them markers. And in 30 seconds, one boy had a green arm. They are good kids and smart kids but we only have an hour. And we don't have an "arts and crafts" room. We use a classroom at the university. And they'll be wearing their Sunday clothes. So why would I give them a)glue that is not on a stick b)seeds and cocoa powder? I'm not even comfortable giving them markers. Why not make tomorrow easy for myself? I don't even know if we can finish this in one hour, just with crayons.

I may or may not take my camera with me tomorrow morning.

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~Virginia~ said...

Hee! Sounds like you have a fun green-armed group there! :) Any pictures?!