Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday's Feast- Special Guest!!

This week's Friday's Feast has a special guest star, my young (and only) brother, Christopher. Chris is in New Mexico right now, and he is a dedicated stoner. He would be in Texas right now if he could be. He is 22. His answers are per his favorite passtime and color since he was like 2 years old, are in green. He exhaled alot, so he was smoking when we talked on the phone. I tried to emphasize pauses and exhales with ....

When was the last time you visited a hospital?
over a year

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how ambitious are you?
8 (he wants a nice house with extra rooms especially now because of his little girl).

Make a sentence using the letters of a body part. (Example: (mouth) My other ukelele tings healthily.)
Eat Yams Everyday. (I did this one while he was rambling on about school because I didn't give him the time to think of so many words that connect together with meaning. He can totally do that. But it does take time and I wanted to submit the post.)

Main Course
If you were to start a club, what would the subject matter be, and what would you name it?
Everyone for Legalization of Marijuana (He's not saying everyone should smoke it but it should be legal for everybody.) It actually does more good for you than it does bad... You wouldn't call St. John's Wort a drug right? It's an herb. Because drugs are manufactured. Weed isn't manufactured, it's an herb. If you put chemicals in it does it make it a drug? So are tomatoes a drug? The fact that you smoke it commonly is why they say it's a drug." And then he went into how you can make marijuana an oil, and said it's the same process as butter. The oil is the pure THC. "I can cook a lot better when I'm high... because I'm hungry... cooking is better than computer games..."

What color is the carpet/flooring in your home?
It's fake tile, white in the kitchen and the bathroom. It's brown in the rest of the house with a bunch of stains.


J.D. Long said...

Your main course is frightening in it's rationalizations and lack of insight. Your poor brother! I work in a Drug Detox part-time and I guarantee you, marijuana is by no means a "harmless" drug. For one thing, it has ten time the cancer-causing agents that tobacco does!

I'll pray for him.

Come sample my feast - Big Honkin' salads and Curious George Monkey Lovin!


~Virginia~ said...

The drug legalization part made me reminded me of my 1st date with Jason! He'd just finished up law school and so he had all these theories and thoughts...and one was to legalize drugs. The rationalization behind all that escapes me now, but I still tease him about how he brought that up on our 1st date! :) Apparently that's how he wooed me! Hee...

Great Special Guest post! Very cute...

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