Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Importance of Shoes...

AKA one more excuse to not study Hebrew Vocab words....

Today, I paid about 15 minutes attention to the Phil Spector Murder Trial. Basically, Phil Spector is a music mogul who may or may not have killed an actress, Lana Clarkson, who was at his house one night. He claims that she was suicidal.
What I paid attention to today was a recap of the actress' mother, who told the court and jury on the stand that she went shopping with her daughter the day before she died. And her daughter, now dead, bought 7 pairs of new shoes.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I as a woman would have a hard time thinking that Lana Clarkson did not kill herself. Not only do you have past stories of different people saying that Phil Spector was psycho and loved guns, not only do you have his chaffeur saying that he heard Spector confess, but you have a woman who just bought SEVEN pairs of shoes the day before she died.

I cannot think, really, of any woman who would buy shoes and then kill herself. I mean, it's possible. People do crazy things. But shoes mean a lot to women. It just doesn't make sense. Shoes make you feel good. You buy shoes for future occasions and events. You buy a pair to match an outfit. Her mother said that she bought the shoes for her new job. Shoes carry meaning for women. I feel a twinge of sadness when my favorite pair of shoes finally give out, when the sole of a great heel comes off (cause I usually don't buy high quality heels!!), when I have to toss out old sneakers. Shoes shape identity. I'm not stretching, am I? Women care about their shoes. I have shoes that I've only worn once and some I've worn NEVER and Dennis doesn't understand why I don't get rid of them and he doesn't understand why I still say I need MORE shoes. If I have a favorite pair in brown, I'll look for them in black. You can not have enough flip flops or dress shoes.

If I cannot stress enough the importance of shoes, even for me who actually does not have a shoe addiction (I cannot walk in heels so I don't even try on Manolos and I skip that whole section usually...), let me say this:

4 years ago, when UGG boots started to get very popular, my sister and I fought over who would inherit my mother's UGGs. I had a pair of knock-offs already but these UGGs were comfortable. And even though my sister wore a size 9-10 and I were a size 7 or 7.5, they fit us both perfectly. I put the boots in my pile of stuff to take- I gave my little sister mom's jewelry and other sentimental things. And when I got home, I realized that she had confiscated one of the boots! My sister took one of the boots with her!!! And when SHE died, and I went to go through her things, one of the first things I did was to try to find that damn boot! And she hid it so well that she took the secret of where that boot is to her grave!!!

On Monday, I went to the storage unit where I've kept my family's things- things I've put off going through for years. In the back of my head, I am hoping that I finally find that missing UGG boot to go with its' mate that is still sitting in the back of our closet. I still have hope. I did find a lot of great shoes but Kim had bigger feet and I gave them up to goodwill. But fingers crossed, I can find that missing boot.

A woman who buys shoes (seven pairs, probably not from Payless and even if, it doesn't matter), does not kill herself the next day. Because if she did, she couldn't wear the shoes. It just doesn't add up.

These shoes, by the way, are the shoes I've been wearing since June. I do not wear anything else, not even to church. They are the most comfortable shoes ever, I did not have to break them in, and I love them enough that I will most definitely buy a new pair when these start to give out.

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~Virginia~ said...

Mystery solved! :)

That does sound suspicious though...

Those shoes do look really comfy! Unfortunately the only flats I wear are flip-flops...any thing else has to have a heel on it...even though I'm 5'10! :)