Monday, September 10, 2007

My Celeb-sighting List:

I got this idea from Mrs. Mogul, who resides in New York and gets to see a lot of famous people. Here is my list, living in Malibu, in no order:

1. John Cusack, at Coogie's.
2. Gary Sinise at Howdy's, with his family.
3. Kelsey Grammar in Agoura Hills at the pharmacy
4. Tia and Tamara Mowry- at school. I took some Psych classes with them. They were nice. But totally intimidating.
5. Pierce Brosnan at Coogie's. It was right before the release of the movie he made with Salma Hayek a while back. He ordered a massive amount of food and ate two bites and then he left. He made sure to sit in an obvious table.
6. Jeremy Piven. Walking around the marketplace where all of the restaurants and the grocery store are.
7. Jamie-Lynn Spears. Her show, "Zoey 101" was filmed at Pepperdine for like two years. (so I've seen her and the cast). I looked very hard for Britney or K-Fed (this was during Britney's first pregnancy), to no avail.
8. I had a class with the daughter of Jeff Bridges- Isabelle. She was really sweet and honest about how it is to grow up with a famous family. She talked about how it was when her grandpa died.
9. I went to high school with the son of Marie Osmond. He didn't make a good impression on me.

10. Heather Locklear, when she was married still to the guy from Bon Jovi, in Calabasas at the Cantina. She is tiny.
11. The woman who plays Bobbie on General Hospital. Also very tiny.
12. Howie (and his lightsaber) from Big Brother 6.
13. Ted Danson at La Salsa.
14. Sinbad and his family, at the movie theater. I was actually working at the theater and I can say that he bought a massive amount of food for his kids.
15. Tempesst Bledsoe, from "The Cosby Show". Wearing a very very blond hair color.
16. Flea, from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. (I saw him in Minnessota, actually).

People Dennis has seen because he worked at the bank:
1. Natasha Lyonne. Apparently she has a very thick smoker's voice and frequently looks disheveled.
2. Pamela Anderson and her boobs (not really- she was clothed).
3. Dick Van Dyke
4. Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, and Emilio Estevez. He gets a long really well with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Martin Sheen talked to him in Spanish and gave him an autographed photo for Dennis's mom.
5. Lesley Anne Down (someone from 80's soaps), who is apparently really nice.
6. Nick Nolte
And some other people that he doesn't know are famous because he is not nearly as interested in pop culture as I am.

The thing about this whole list is that Dennis has actually talked to the people he's seen. Whereas I cower and am totally afraid to approach. If I had a camera phone, I think I might be more likely to say "hey can I have a photo?"
And I think there are probably more famous people that I've seen but I just didn't realize it because I'm not very good at recognizing people. Especially when they are looking "everyday".


cindy said...

I wanna see celebrities too!

Why wasn't I born and live in Malibu... why? WHY? WHY?!

boohoo >.<

~Virginia~ said...

Kelsey Grammer!!! I love Frasier!! How neat to actually run into all these celebrities! And how sweet of Martin Sheen to autograph that pic for your hubby's mom!!

Me, Myself and I said...

Oh Pierce Brosnan!

What he did wasn't too correct, but he might have had a bad day and I am going to forgive him lol