Monday, September 10, 2007

Ten Cities I could live in...

Ten Cities I could Live In:

List written while watching coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's baby's first birthday. A little over the top, if you've seen any of it. She's turning ONE and will not remember any of this, right? Wouldn't it be totally fine with her just to receive like a cardboard box? You can't even open presents when you are one. They just showed her looking mesmerized in front of her own cake and candle: "Blow it out!!"
I'm not trying to say that children at 1 year old are stupid retards. They aren't. But inviting 300-something guests to dress up and arrive in limos and to have an obsessively great menu, is retarded. When I am a mom, of a one year old, we are having people come over for pizza. And we will watch as the one year old is mesmerized by things like opening presents and the candle, from a cake I'll probably make out of a box. I won't even wear shoes. And I will take photos of the baby, wearing every day clothes, with a face covered in cake/spaghetti sauce/whatever we eat. We'll sing happy birthday and eat and yay! the party is short, sweet, and over.

yes, the list:
1. Santiago, Chile. I have actually thought "If I had to die in another country besides the US, in another city, I'd hope I'm dying in Chile".

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mostly because I've done it and I know what to expect.

3. Punta del Este, Uruguay. It's on our list of places we'd look at if we moved to South America.

4. Miami, Florida.

5. Dallas, Texas.

6. Seattle, Washington. I think.

7. Knoxville, Tennessee. Dennis says I'd love it.

8. Santa Barbara, CA. (anywhere on the Californian coast).

9. Agoura Hills, CA (anywhere in that area after the valley, but before Ventura, and well maybe the nicer parts of the valley.)

10. Vina del Mar, Chile. It's on the Pacific Coast. I guess I'm afraid of the east coast and the cold, which is why I didn't pick New York or London. Both are very cold. It gets pretty cold in Chile but at least I know what to expect.

Please note I did not say "Albuquerque", where I was born and were a lot of family lives. If I had to live in New Mexico, which I hope I never ever do, than I would prefer Santa Fe or the mountains. I hate Albuquerque.

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