Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ten Things I'd Save in a Fire...

Dennis is currently en route to Amsterdam for the first part of his European trip for school (Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Italy...) I told him to take photos of beer being sold at a German McDonald's.

Anyway, Ten things I'd save in a fire...: (Ten seems like a lot!)

1. My Mom and Sister's ashes.
2. My wallet
3. My cell phone
4. Our passports
5. Any Immigration/Tax Files (is that 2 things?)
6. Our laptops.
7. photos.
8. The teddy bear that was with my sister at the hospital when she died.
9. The pearls that my mom gave me for my wedding.
10. One of my shawls from Chile. In case it gets cold.

Traveling Mercies to my husband, who is crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. He didn't bring anything for the flight so I pray he isn't bored and that he gets some sleep. I pray for him as he is on this trip, which will without a doubt change his life and shape his journey. I pray God brings him home safely and soon but that he takes up each moment that he has in Europe.


cindy said...

I'd save my laptop too! There's so many stuff inside that I want! :D

Oh, safe journey for Dennis too! :)

Me, Myself and I said...

Wow! Doing the european dream haha! he is gonna enjoy it, I am sure ;-)

i'd save my laptop too and my branded clothes LOL