Thursday, September 06, 2007

thoughts on driving...

because I don't want to study Hebrew...

1. Why isn't there some kind of sign that you can flash, either to tell the car in front of you to speed up OR to tell the car behind you to stop tail gaiting you?

2. All week I've made a point of stopping at the various shuttle stops around campus to give students rides. We all have to rely on a shuttle system that some times takes way too long (especially if you are tired, running late, need to go to the bathroom...) So I say "Hey! Where are you going? Do you need a ride??"

Most of the time I hear the students politely say "no, it's okay. I'm fine..."

and then I say "really. Where are you going?"

And eventually after the student says "but there is a shuttle coming..." I end up saying "Shut up and get in the car."

We are blessed to be in a really safe campus, my car is pretty nice, and I'm not a murderer. So why are people so reluctant to take free rides (and save themselves time. And take a more comfortable ride. really, I'm not that bad of a driver...)

I'm not sure why people are so surprised that I would randomly give them rides, even if it is not in my way, which is really unfortunate. I was called a "lifesaver" and a "saint" today and two different people offered to give me money. So obviously this is something that they appreciate. And I love it. I get to meet students in the community and I get to tell them about things like the Chaplain's office. And being nice makes me feel good. I wouldn't offer people I didn't know rides into my car anywhere else except for at Pepperdine University. So if I offer a free ride, using up MY gas and MY time, take it!!! I spent too many times waiting at the shuttle stop praying someone would stop for me. It takes one person to change the world. Besides, those who wait fifteen minutes longer in the sun after I've already passed are suckers for turning me down.

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