Friday, October 26, 2007

the good and the bad.

I heart Renee Zellweger. Because if anyone could play me in a movie, I'd choose her for real. And my Chilean neice said that I kind of look like the Bridget-Jones-version of her. "

Dear Renee:
First, Can I call you ne-ne?
Second, I think you can tell collectively from around the world, that pretty much no one likes your new haircut. I don't know who cut it for you and who said it would be a good idea, but it's kind of just a weird shape, you know? And it brings out our features in the way I don't like- the first photo makes everything look so hard and I know that you probably would look less intimidating/pissed off if your hair was softer. I don't know. It just doesn't suit me. It's like you are trying to out-posh Posh Spice, who is the only one I've seen get away with something so dramatic. And I should tell you because I care.
Third, The good news is that you aren't gothic anymore like you were when you were dating the guy from The White Stripes. And I'm paying more attention to your hair, than your body. Which is also good because I personally find it annoying that so many people criticize you for fluctuating etc. and sometimes getting too freakishly skinny.
Finally, what is up with the UK Daily Mail saying you are "ruddy-faced". What does that even mean? Does that mean that I am "ruddy-faced" too? I say, no you are just really cute and you make really cute expressions and pouts in your roles. Don't change. Just change your hair. or just don't cut it so short.

Erin Calderon

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