Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yapo ¿Catchei?

I´m still in Chile, at the internet cafe where my brother in law is the manager, and I could probably type out a huge entry but
a) the keyboards here are ridiculous. it takes me five minutes to figure out how to type my own email.
b)there is just too much going on. too much drama. good and bad. good--- My brother in law´s cancer is in remission!! And I might be losing weight because you walk everywhere (how did I forget?) and I had the flu and because food is just different here. Good but not as much. And you aren´t as hungry as you are in the US.

Did Britney Spears really lose custody of her kids? That is one think I miss- no gossip here! So I think I heard that she lost custody but I´m not sure.

I´m coming back on Sunday morning so prayers that I can get back into the groove of school easily!!

(OH there is so much to write about and not enough mental space!!)


cindy said...

Yes, Erin. She lost custody on her kids. They will be staying with K-Fed until further notice. :(

Ohh.. that's nice, losing weight in Chile. LOL! Was the food all spicy? Because I'd lose weight on spicy foods too - because I can't eat them. Hahaha!

You come back safe, Erin. Enjoy your stay and take lots of photos! :D

I'm Just Sayin... said...

Not only did she lose them, but she went out to a club the night she gave them up to K-Fed.

Who would've thought that K-Fed would come out looking like a good parent. I hope he does it right, I feel so bad for those poor little boys. Celebrity or not, this is a terrible situation for them :-(

Anyway - glad to hear you're enjoying (?) your time in Chili - what kind of *bad* drama are you having or do you not want to share with me? It's ok if you don't - I just hope you're having a nice trip. I'm uber-jealous as I've always wanted to travel, so have fun for me and come home safe.

mrsmogul said...

Have fun! Glad you made it to Chili's er I mean..chili!! :)

medea said...

She still gets visitation as long as a parenting coach is around.

On the good news front, J-Lo is pregnant. Lots of sticky vibes for her.

Have a great time in Chile. You know more walking = more eating, right? :)

~Virginia~ said...

Hope you had a safe trip back! We expect lots of pretty pictures! :)