Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Por Que No Te Callas?

I have a mostly dislike relationship with Hugo Chavez. I've blogged about him as someone who I thought had bravery, to say that the US was taking over the world, basically. And then I started to see that he's kind of a dictator. He shut down a radio station in Venezuela, because they spoke against him. (So he doesn't like freedom of press). He put an end to Western Christmas traditions like Santa Claus because he doesn't Venezuelan culture to be infected by Western Culture. He's made some pretty chauvinistic comments against the female leaders of the world. And sometimes I think he's asking someone to assassinate him. (He is also currently trying to pass legislation to give himself total power in his country.)

So, I find the King of Spain's "Shut Up!!" quite refreshing.

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Me, Myself and I said...

Estoy alucinando de toda la repercusión que ha tenido este enfrentamiento. Sinceramente, toda la historia me recuerda a el rey don juan carlos siendo el abuelito que regaña a un niño mayor malcriado, egocentrico, irrespetuoso y MALO!

No puedo con este tio, no aguanto a Chavez. Dice de fascista que es nuestro ex-presidente pero él es MAYOR FASCISTAS DE TODOS!


(aún así, el rey don juan carlos es divertido, verdad? jajajaja )