Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten Songs That Bring Back Memories...

(and why):
Ten Songs That Bring Back Memories
1. "In The Air Tonight"- Phil Collins. I guess it's a dark song but allegedly my mom used to sing it to me when I was a baby. It is one of my favorite songs ever.
2. "Angel"- Sarah Mclachlan (or however you spell her name); what we played at my mom's memorial service.
3. "Wherever You Go"- sung acoustically by Alex Band (The Calling), at a tribute to my sister.
4. "Only Time"- Enya, another song played in tribute to my sister.
5. "Love Shack"- The B-52's; one of those songs I have always played at full blast, as well as a song that my sister and I sang to my mom when she was in a coma. It sounds sad but it was actually a good memory of the two of us trying to do all the parts.
6. "Entra en Mi Vida"- Sin Bandera; one of the songs that kept Dennis and I together when we were long distance; would have been played at our wedding if we had not gotten married in Vegas.
7. "Si Tu No Estas"- Roxanna; (covered recently by Sin Bandera); one of the songs that played during my first night with Dennis. Carries ALOT of meaning.
8. "Hotel California"- The Eagles; Reminds me of both of my parents and mainly my Dad. It's sacrilege to not sing this song.
9. "Easy Like Sunday Morning"- Lionel Richie; Because every little bar with a guy singing in Santiago, Chile, sings this song.
10. "Imagine"- not the John Lennon song but the song recently sung by the Christian band "Mercy Me" (Is the title "I Can Only Imagine"?) Anyway, better remembered as sung magnificently at my church and at my sister's memorial service. I almost always get choked up when I hear this one.
*Honorable mention/tie with number 10- "There's A Stirring"; another church song that I associate with my church and with my sister.
*Honorable Mention 2: "Gracias a la Vida" by Violetta Parra, a Chilean folk singer. It's one of those songs that I must learn the words to so that I can sing it to my own babies.

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