Thursday, November 29, 2007


Dear Ex-Driver of Britney Spears:
Could you please reconsider quitting the job because seriously, Los Angeles would be a safer place if more of you stuck it out in the jungle of the city with Brittany and her kids, instead of letting her drive by herself. If she runs a red light and/or cuts me off at an intersection in Malibu, I'm blaming you, Pal. Thanks. All you had to do was the late night taco bell runs. It's better than her texting, driving with sunglasses at night, and running red lights. Jeez. Man-up.

Dear Britney,
Are you serious? Your driver quit because you are a liability?? What do we have to do to have someone drive you and your kids around? I mean, my DAD could and would do this for free. What kind of irritating-ness are you exactly doing to cause your new driver to quit? Could you maybe send someone OUT to bring you Taco Bell? Couldn't you stay INSIDE for a while??? I mean, it probably is frustrating to drive surrounded by paparazzi and flashing lights. Just try? Please?? Also, wearing sunglasses at night is not cool. It's a song from the 80's but it's not literal. Let it go.

video of why Britney needs a driver:

2 comments: said...

Kind of sick though to follow people around filming then run stop signs! Also sick to think they probably makes 5 times more money than me doing that.

As for driving Britney, yea I can see the liability. "Run that stop sign or you're fired" kind of thing.

Nice blog. Found you through mrs. mogul.

Matt Maddox

~Virginia~ said...

If only I lived in California...I'd do the world a favor and run her ass over! :)