Wednesday, December 05, 2007

random musings...

i'm here, watching "Project Runway", very aware of the fact that I have neglected my blog and my blog friends. Dennis is in Tennessee and this is half-good. By now, we have spent about 3 months (when you add up the weeks) apart and I rather like not worrying about the dishes etc.
But I miss talking to someone. And he gives me a routine that I kind of need.

Dennis is presenting his thesis and the plan for The Muse Collection at school. And I am not going to lie. I am certainly happy to have a break from "business talk". I am all about buying purses or saying "that's so cute!" and less all about "money" and "marketing". I am excited that Dennis is working on his own business and I know that he is learning a lot. Just keep me in the creative department and not in the numbers/business department. (It is kind of surreal teaching him basic html code by the way, like the BOLD code and

Today, a group came to promote To Write Love On Her Arms, bringing awareness to depression and suicide and things like cutting. An air-brushing henna tattoo artist gave anyone who wanted free henna tattoos.
I'm not familiar with this language but I HOPE this says "Beautiful" and "Holy/Sacred"

And this is me being goofy. I try.

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Andrea said...

according to hubby it is Chinese kanji. the top kanji means angel but it is the one used for a male angel. and the bottom kanji means pretty but is the meaning to describe something so beautiful it is almost strange or weird.
I think the angel kanji looks pretty neat though.