Monday, December 31, 2007

Chilean New Year V. 5.0

This is the last post for the year. (One of my resolutions is to be a better blogger though. My other resolution is to be better about remembering birthdays for family members.)

Dennis just spent 8 bucks on grapes (he's weighing them because he thinks he was overcharged.)

Today we did our annual cleaning of the house for luck and it was the first year that I actually got into the cleaning and Dennis said "can we stop now?"

I fell a week ago and scraped my ankle in an awkward spot and so I have spent the week limping. That is my excuse for not blogging. And my computer is slow. Which is also a bad excuse- i have a ton of photos on my laptop and so my laptop is super slow and I don't like using it.

In response to the last post, I am NOT pregnant. Jamie Lynn Spears IS.

so this is the ritual:
watch and count down with Don Francisco,
eat 12 spoonfuls of lentils,
eat 12 grapes (he bought the grapes with seeds so I ate the seeds because I had to finish before Dennis),
drink champayne (this year we had what was a gift, a french champayne that was really not sweet at all),
throw rice over the shoulder,
and (my family's tradition), bang pots and pans


Me, Myself and I said...

lol thanks for the information. About Lynn Spears... God, this is too sad!

Have a great 2008 starter

KreativeMix said...

Happy New Year Erin!! Great pic.