Monday, December 10, 2007

it's that time of year!

It's final exam time! My last Greek exam EVER is in the morning and my Hebrew final is on Tuesday morning. Dennis is in Tennessee finishing his last term before he graduates with an MBA and I am flying out to watch him graduate this Friday! (a week from now, I will be in the South! I have never been to the South!) And then we are going to Dallas to visit family -see my YouTube page to refresh your memory about my aunt's funny smoker's laugh-
So I am here, studying and admittedly enjoying some aspects of the last time that I will be home alone- noone is here to make me feel guilty about eating bowls of cereal and I only have to clean up after myself. But I miss conversation and cuddling- husbands provide great body heat.
I have made myself addicted to coffee in Dennis's absence. I taught myself how to use our coffee pot and I learned the difference between whole bean coffee and ground coffee. And, curiously, I have to pee A LOT (and curiously whenever Dennis calls, which we have decided is very Pavlovian).
It is, lastly, Christmas preparation time.I have made a small dent in the Christmas card list and I put a snowman on our door. Every year, I tell Dennis "we are not doing a tree this year" and hopefully we wont- I'm not a grinch per se- I just don't like decorating and watering and throwing away and vacuuming a tree. But I did put up our very old advent calendar.

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CJane said...

Oooo advent calendar. I should get one for myself!! :D