Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10 Things that were better way back when...

10 things that were better way back when
1. Movie theater prices ($1 movie theaters anyone?)
2. And Drive-in Movies
3. MTV. Actually played Music. There was a time, when I could watch a whole weekend of music videos on VH1 (A-Z, they played every music video they had, in one weekend).
4. Madonna and Britney Spears. Way better way back when. Both should retire.
5. Remember, when you could actually go to the gate to see your friends/family when they arrived in the airport? Remember when you got nuts for FREE?
6. Chuck E. Cheese. Used to be really fun and exciting, now seems kind of run down and creepy. I could substitute Chuck E. Cheese for "Albuquerque State Fair".
7. Barbie. Remember when her big ambition was to be an astronaut? And she dated Ken? And now, she has to compete with the Bratz dolls. And that kind of freaks me out, for my future daughters.
8. I used to get a quarter from the tooth fairy. Now, kids get twenty bucks. Better for them? maybe...
9. ministry with children. I am blessed to have a very close-knit congregation, and we know everyone who teaches our children (myself included). But I know a lot of other close-knit children's ministry/churches have had to learn the hard way about doing things like background checks and finger-printing. It's just unfortunate that you can't trust who is teaching your kid's Sunday School class.
10. Randomly, music/file sharing. Way back when, I could find things on programs like napster, for free, and it was really neat. I know that it is illegal, I know that it is stealing. But look, I grew up in a really morally questionable home where we never got to have music of our own, because it was expensive, unless we put a blank tape in and recorded the radio. Being able to download music that I would not normally have even listened to not only broadened my world, but ROCKED my world.

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I totally forgot about dollar movie theatres! We had one in my little college town. LOVED it. We'd sneak in beer. ;)

Yeah I agree on Brit and Madonna.

I am so old I remember pre-MTV days and Friday Night Videos. I think they came on at 10:30 after the local news. Loved watching Duran Duran, early Madonna, and all the 80s videos.