Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gossip and Heath Ledger.

Heath Ledger. Funny, charming, and it was a truly shocking announcement that he had died. I am pleased that I found out on the news and not via Perez Hilton. I am also pleased by BWE.tv's plea to the media to not go crazy about trying to figure out all the details. I guess I'd just like to say that I, for once, was really disappointed and shocked. You know, when some famous people die (Anna Nicole Smith), it's not really a surprise. It's sad. But you could kind of tell that the person was in a bad place... And a lot of times when celebrities die, they aren't really famous anymore and they were starting to get infamous for being in a bad place. So "shocking news" isn't so shocking. But Heath Ledger seemed like he had a lot going on. He was working regularly, didn't seem to be in a mess, and seemed pretty private. And he had talent. I wanted to see his movies. So, it actually is really a sad loss, for a lot of people (namely, his family). Which is why I kind of agree with the whole idea that to cover his body being wheeled out of his apartment (*cough TMZ cough*) was a signal of gossip going a bit too far. (Gossip it seems, has come to be a rather close-to-home sin that maybe I really should start praying about and taking seriously....)

Remember this same scene that my little sister and I absolutely LOVED way back when I was in highschool???

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