Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ten Things that Bug Me About Politics...

How appropriate...Ten Things that Bug Me About Politics:
1. Intertwining God/Beliefs with the Politician/Country. I believe in separation.
2. The Man. Specifically, the many white rich men who make decisions about things that they know nothing about.
3. A Vision is not enough. It's great to be inspiring and to be hopeful. But it isn't always realistic, which is unfortunate. I guess this is better titled: A vision is great but you have to be able to play dirty.
4. Disconnect with the people.
5. Confusion about how much my vote really matters if it is all about delegates/electoral votes and not popular vote.
6. The people who have money often get what they want. This is a vague generalization.
7. There isn't more focus on poverty in the US or in the world.
8. A lot of dictators are being overlooked.
9. We think it is our job to stop dictators.
10. Every personal decision is put under a microscope. If your kid is gay, it affects you as a politician. And both sides have affairs and have done drugs and its' just a big mess that distracts everyone from what is all really important.

*I would like to announce here, that since Wednesday (last Wednesday), I have decided to give up gossip websites for Lent and maybe longer. This includes:
and pretty on the outside (google it- I can't remember the address...)
Wish me luck. Hopefully, I will be a better person for it.

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~Virginia~ said...

That's quite an ambitious goal for Lent! :) I know how you like your celebrity gossip!