Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm watching Project Runway and I feel like every other word coming out of my mouth should be "FIERCE" and that I should start blogging with the letter Z more often. Because the letter Z is fierce.

Updates: On Project "No Gossip Sites for Lent"- I was tempted today. So I deleted the links. I did not visit any gossip sites and chose to delete the things. Ups (UpZZ) for me.

Second Update: Is it obvious? McDonald's is shady. Dennis, when he poured the contents of his full medium coke into a small cup (small, not child size), that both the medium and small size McDonald's drink cups fit the same amount. It was a "OH MY GOD they are scamming us 50 cents!! I am so blogging about this!!!" moment.... Which is why again, I love my blackberry more than I could love a human baby. Because it has (haz) a camera phone.

And Valentine's Day. The first year that I can honestly understand boycotting it. I have a Valentine, which is fantastic. But I can get chocolate any day, flowers die, and I don't need jewelry. So Dennis is just getting a card. And I feel any pain from any single friends. It really is a stupid holiday. And, by the way, I've been waiting about a year to post this graphic (Pardon my french. But it does speak for a huge population of people...)

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CJane said...

lol! I wanted to wish you Happy Valentine's Day.. but I'm not sure if it's appropriate now. lol

Happy Valentine's Day anyway. :D