Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Places I'd take a tourist to see in my hometown...

Ten Places to show tourists in Malibu. Some pictures included. The rest you can google.


1. Neptune's Net. Maybe not technically Malibu, but I like it better than Malibu Seafood because you get your food faster and the atmosphere is grungier.

2. The place on PCH where the jaguar burned in the last fire.

3. Zuma beach. Or wherever is less crowded.

4. Coogie's or somewhere nearby to hopefully see a famous person. Or Dick Van Dyke.
5. Pepperdine. I guess this is an obvious.

6. Malibu Orchid Farm.

7. The Pier. Actually we'd probably go to Santa Monica's Pier. It's like 20 minutes away and better.
8. Our fancy movie theater with leather seats. My Dad would love to see that.
9. Taverna Tony's. Local expensive restaurant with good food and sometimes Britney.
10. Probably just drive on PCH.

There is so much to do in our area. Just not in Malibu. It's way overrated.


cindy said...

You know what? I was SO gonna go to US for a vacation + shopping trip, until my bf gave me choices.

i. Go to US, spend a huge amount on flight ticket + hotel stay + food etc & shop

ii. Use that extra money on shopping alone, online.

I HAD to choose number TWO. But of course, I am still dying to visit US someday! lol. Hey, maybe we can even meet up!! :D

~Virginia~ said...

oh man that picture of seafood looked awesome. i'm so friggin' hungry right now! :) orchid farm sounds fun!

mrsmogul said...

When I visited my GAY friend years ago in LA he took me to MALIBU, ZUMA, Hollywood Athletic Club, MELROSE place, it was the BEST TIME I EVER HAD TRAVEling alone!!