Wednesday, March 05, 2008


My husband has started saying "fierce". Thank you "Project Runway" for making my husband just 1% less macho.
But really, this was the designer that I wanted to win. I hearted Christian for all of his emotion and drama and he had such good lines in his diaries. And when it looked like he was crying!!

I must include Posh because for all of her Poshiness, I secretly have a huge crush on her. It's true. I really think she's great. I know she wears heels all the time and eats like a piece of broccoli a day for meals, but she's earned her fashionista title. Yes, she reads books that make me feel fat and remind me of just why i hated high school.
But she's just got this certain thing about her that kind of makes me smile. I can't put my finger on it because I can't relate to her in any way and I am not a Spice Girls fan at all. I don't think she's a super mom or anything. I just can't tell you. Maybe it's her hair cut?


IRENE said...

Hi Erin.
I am SO pleased to find you again! I had the fine idea of checking back my comments and yep, here you are!
I like Posh and Geri (especially her yoga DVDs-great for relaxing and stretching).
Have a lovely time.

mrsmogul said...

I am soooo glad the FIERCE GUY ONE! He deserved it! I dislike Posh which is why I always make fun of her. When Mr .Mogul saw her on tv last night he was like, WHAt's she doing there?" Maybe we've been brainwashed by the British press who dog her. Anyway she is no fashion icon to the fashion world. She was voted worst dressed this year by Blackwell and I think it was Vogue who said she has no unique style. OUCH!

Me, Myself and I said...


MMmmm well, I have to admit that I like catching up with Vicky because I like to know what she is up to with the new fashion trends, the new local trends etc. I don't like her as a wman but I like her clothes (most of them) and the places she goes. Oh... and I like her husband! LOL