Monday, March 31, 2008

Navigating Our Fridge...

I've been a coffee fan for about a semester. I am a total novice. I couldn't tell you that Starbucks tastes like tar and ash because I only know that I like the House Blend. I just tried the Guatemalan medium blend.

Starbucks sells their coffee in GINORMOUS bags. Supposedly, after 10 days, the ground coffee loses taste and smell. Makes sense. And I am not interested in grinding my own coffee. I am way too lazy for that.

Dennis said I should put the coffee in the fridge. But I read that moisture affects coffee. And that the coffee absorbs the smells that are in the fridge.

I think that I need an airtight container. And I need to write Starbucks a letter to ask them to sell smaller bags.

yes, I did just take photos of our fridge. It looks like a science experiment.
Let's take a tour:

a.) Old Chocolate Sauce, A bottle of apple cider that's been in our fridge for four years, old soy sauce, and butter. For when I bake. Which is never.

b.) 2 eggs. Store-brand Mozzerella sliced cheese. Medicine. Old coffee that's like four years old. And a can of guava juice. I think.

c.) Pepsi (for Dennis) and Diet Coke Zero (for me), and a bowl of Macaroni in cheese. That I didn't put in an airtight container. And way in the back, I see a jar of orange marmalade.

d.) The lone box of baking soda, bless its little heart. That box is overworked and probably should be replaced.

e.) Salad that I won't eat. (You can't see the spinach that I won't eat either).

f.) Shredded Mozzerella, ketchup, and a jar with ONE pickle that has probably been there for about a year.

g. Strawberry flavored and green colored Kool-Aid (I'm babysitting this week again), Mayo, a Pomegranate Vitamin Water to remind me that by drinking the water I will need to do forty more sit-ups....

i. Chocolate pudding. I bought it for Dennis. It has taken him a month to eat four of the six cups.

h. baby carrots, hot dogs, a package of cookie dough, and a package of lunch meat (ham).

I can spot the butter that we use for toast, even though it's not labeled. And the baggie with "Incredibles!" characters is the home for lunch meat (turkey). I haven't even seen the movie. But these baggies were like a dollar and fifty cents...

blogging about this is not motivating me to clean/sanitize.

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