Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Cat Lady

I love cats. And I do not have issue with single people who love their cats. My Dad is a fifty-something who takes care of his two cats with a lot of love (he yells at them a lot when I talk to them on the phone). My kindofwiccan Aunt thinks cats are her animal mates or whatever. And I love the LOLZ cats photos, clearly.

This particular comic, however, reminds me that yes, catloving can go too far. I am thinking specifically about the cat lady who walks around Malibu with her cat, which she carries on her shoulder and is leashed.

This isn't a glamorous Malibu woman in Chanel with a Siamese. It's a disheveled unknown brownish haired middle aged looking woman who wears her cat on her shoulder. Her cat is your typical random furry cat. And we always see her:
1. Walking around the Ralph's Grocery Store Pavillion-complex
2. or in McDonald's. In the back, on a stool, feeding her cat french fries.

It is a little creepy. Isn't there a law against cats eating fries in public restaurants, on shoulders? And it is a little sad, because maybe this is the only friend she has. I would like to say, at least, "hey. We've seen you and your cat around. What is your cat's name?? What is your name?"

But I am a bit scared of getting a response like this:


Roberta said...

Would you go speak to her if that was a parrot on her shoulder?

Jenny said...

I love cats as well. :)

That lady must be very lonely then. :/