Sunday, April 06, 2008

A good excuse...

for spending the day eating goldfish crackers and sleeping...

I had a really strange dream that I want to record in some way in case I need it later. Part of this relates to the church where Dennis and I were all weekend. I grew up in this church. Once of the last times I can remember being with my sister was at this church. We had my mother's memorial service at this church.

They've remodeled the church in the past five years. New chairs, carpet, and ceiling. It was kind of freaking me out all weekend.

Anyway, my dream takes place in this church. My sister and I are leaving the sanctuary to enter the part of the church where people talk after the service and eat donuts. As we reach the doors, I hug her and I realize it isn't her. So I say, "I know that this isn't really you. But I need for you to know that I love you and miss you." And then as soon as I let her go, it is a different girl- dark curly hair instead of blond like my sister.

These are the dreams that give people the creeps, I guess. I was greatful for it.

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cindy said...

Lately, I've been trying to lose some weight but I can't! I can't stop eating meat, cake, chocolates, creamy buns etc!! >.<

Ohhh... do take photos of the new look in your church. I'm always excited to see the insides of a church!! :D