Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a bad Maid of Honor. Maybe.

I have been putting off the bridesmaid dress purchase for my favorite cousin (and my only girl cousin). It's $180 plus extra for a special sash and I hate bringing this up with Dennis, and I hate thinking about it, and I now really wish my cousin would have fallen in love with something a hundred bucks cheaper.

According to David's Bridal- I called two separate stores- if I order the dress this week, it will arrive the week before the wedding. Which is fine. Unless I need alterations. Which I wasn't planning on needing, and I don't know how big of a deal they are. One of my good friends who just had her own wedding and is a bridesmaid, and who is familiar with the store, said it takes less time than the store gives you.

So, it's just a pain. I have to go to the store to make sure that I fit- I've lost a little weight since I tried the dress on last. And the nearest store is like 45 minutes away.

I suppose all of this would be different if I felt a little more connected to what is going on with the bride. I am her maid of honor, and yet I have no idea what is going on in this wedding. I have no idea who the other bridesmaid is (there are only 2 of us). I don't know if she expects a bridal shower the day before the wedding (I will try to throw a bachelorette party...) And I have no clue what she wants, because she isn't registering. I don't know anything about the wedding, and I am just annoyed and frustrated. I can't make e-vites because most of her friends don't even have internet connection.

To all future brides:

Please communicate with your bridesmaids, especially if they are out-of-state. Please think of them when you are thinking of the dress. Think about the costs, think about the location- if you are having your wedding outside in a ghost town in New Mexico in the summer, pick a summery dress. Not a big-ass ballgown in black. (Actually, it was my suggestion to do black for myself as I am the Maid of Honor. But now that there are two of us, I suppose I could have stayed with red).
Just. Look, I know you are stressed out with life. Job, school, family. I get it. And I know that throwing a wedding isn't cheap. But if you don't communicate with your Maid of Honor, she might start to freak out.
Also, if you choose inexpensive options, you can do more. You probably will get better gifts too. I know you don't want to hear us say "I will look for the dress on EBay" (note: not what I have said or done) but you can't blame us after we fork over money for everything else.

Also, seriously, after all of this, you better not get divorced. And if you get remarried, do it in Vegas.



cindy said...

"Also, seriously, after all of this, you better not get divorced. And if you get remarried, do it in Vegas."


When my brother got married, I was their maid of honor. My dress & my shoes was paid by him & his wife too! Hehehe!

Hey, post your dress please?? :D

~Virginia~ said...

i see you've come over to my way of thinking about weddings. much more trouble than they're worth. so so SO glad i've decided to put an end to the madness and not be in any more.